Decentralized Referral Earnings

SMRT16: Decentralized, open-source referral program. Seamlessly operates with USDT, no token trading hassle.

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What do you need to get started?

Purchase MATICs and USDT
What is USDT?

The SMRT16 smart contract runs at Polygon, where you need MATIC tokens to pay the transaction fee. And also you get SMRT16 tokens in exchange for USDT, and later you get your referral rewards in this crypto representation of US dollars.

Exchange USDT to SMRT16 tokens
How much SMRT16 tokens do I need?

It can be any amount, no limitation, exchange rate 1:1. The amount of SMRT16 tokens you may need depends on your goals. The website provides a calculator tool to help you estimate potential income and assist in making an informed decision.

Refer friends. Get high revenue in USDT.
How does the referral program work?

SMRT16 DApp allows users to acquire SMRT16 tokens through referrals. If a user does not have a referral, the DApp will automatically assign one. It is not possible to purchase SMRT16 tokens without a referral.

What is SMRT16?

SMRT16 is a crypto token that adheres to the ERC20 standard and operates on the Polygon network.

You may be interested in purchasing SMRT16 due to the properties of this token.

It features a four-level referral program built into its Smart Contract token sale, which aims to decentralize project marketing. The token operates on-chain, with no external management involvement. The goal of the project is to attract attention and generate financial benefits for token holders through funding from token sales and marketing bonuses.

The project's objective is to get people's attention, which will then be capitalized on for ongoing financial advantage for the token holders. SMRT16 generates its funding from token sales, rewarding participants through marketing bonuses.

The goal of the SMRT16 project is to demonstrate that fully decentralized organizations can be created and operate on the blockchain without the need for human management.

How does SMRT16 work?

By registering on the SMRT16 Contract and holding SMRT16 tokens, users become agents of the project and can invite others to buy SMRT16 tokens. The project offers a four-level referral system in which up to 93.75% of the transaction value is distributed among users directly involved in the transaction. Referral bonuses are paid out instantly and automatically, guaranteed by the smart contract code on the blockchain.

The referral rewards decrease with each level, following this general rule: each next level of referral bonus has half the amount of bonuses of the previous level. Therefore, the referral rewards of each level are as follows:

  • 1st is 50.0% or 1/2
  • 2nd is 25.0% or 1/4
  • 3rd is 12.5% or 1/8
  • 4th is 6.25% or 1/16
  • of your referral transaction amount. 
Referral bonuses are paid instantly.

The SMRT16 project rewards its partners through guaranteed instant referral bonuses, which provides a strong motivation for them to actively participate in marketing the project. Even if a user decides to invest, acquire a few referrals and move on to something else, their referral program will still continue to operate and generate profits as long as the smart contract on the blockchain remains active. The smart contract guarantees that referral bonuses will continue to be paid out as long as someone buys through the referral links, regardless of the level of referral. This gives users the assurance that their investment will continue to generate revenue even if they are not actively involved. It is important to note that the more active a user is in promoting and bringing in new referrals, the greater the potential rewards they can earn through the referral program.

93.75% of the token sales paid out as referral bonuses

 Level 1   Level 2   Level 3   Level 4   Remains SMRT16 

Referral links in SMRT16 In SMRT16, referral links are used to connect users who have purchased SMRT16 tokens through the DApp or directly using the smart contract functions. It is mandatory to specify a referrer when buying tokens. After the purchase, the user's wallet address becomes their referral code and they can create a referral link by adding "" followed by their wallet address.

Calculator of a possible income

Try to enter your numbers:

Let's assume that your referrals with do everything the same as you: invest the same amount and invite the same number of referrals. Then, see the following data

  • 150 USDT from 6 participants on the first level
  • 450 USDT from 36 participants on the second level
  • 1350 USDT from 216 participants on the third level
  • 4050 USDT from 1296 participants on the fourth level
6000 USDT in total from 1554 participants in the structure, who all bring you from 50% to 6.25% of their purchases